My oldest is just like me. She loves to be festive! She makes decorations, banners and anything crafty. So the week of the forth we did everything we could think of red, white and blue. We proudly put out our flags and celebrated our independence.

Of course we started with the nails! A priority to the 5 year old.

DSC_8145 (Large)

After putting out the flags, baking, nails, making signs, making matching bows, and stars and stripes outfits, we were ready to celebrate.


Why doesn’t anyone want to take a picture when we are clean and matching?

DSC_8178 (Large)

Ok, so she isn’t screaming, but there is still sun in my lens!

DSC_8180 (Large)  DSC_8181 (Large) DSC_8182 (Large) DSC_8184 (Large)

Are we having fun yet??? LOL

I must say, we usually have a happy baby, but she is at that age where she is getting a mind of her own and doesn’t understand – do what mommy says and we can all be happy! 😀


Here’s our happy baby girl!


DSC_8196 (Large)

They love each other!

DSC_8199 (Large)

This boy’s brilliant idea…shoot bottle rockets out of his bike handle and call it “bike cannon”.

He sets it all up. Go stands by Mom. Daddy lights it. He is amazed by the explosion and does it over and over!

He is A BOY!

While we girls tried to make pretty designs out of sparklers…



It didn’t go as planned! You need to be lighter experts to pull something like that off. We were too slow.

DSC_8223 (Large)

And finally our sweet family picture. Minus the baby – she was in bed.

DSC_8215 (Large)

Just Dad and Mom.

Yes, we are dorks!

They are tiny flags. Can’t you tell?

DSC_8204 (Large)  DSC_8206 (Large)   DSC_8248 (Large)

DSC_8194 (Large)

A few more of our day. Realized we forgot to take pictures at the pool party. I can’t have a picture of EVERYTHING! 🙂

We had a fun day. We celebrated with family and friends and made more memories.




Helpful Kids

For the last couple of days we have been getting ready for The Fourth of July.  The kids “helped”  me make cupcakes and red, white and blue strawberries.

DSC_8138 (Large)

This boy loved the blue sprinkles!

DSC_8139 (Large)

DSC_8140 (Large)


The kids always love to help in the kitchen.

It ends up a huge mess. It takes me twice as long. My patients is tested. They usually end up arguing about who does what. It would be so much easier to put on a movie for them and do it myself!

The kids asked to take pictures of themselves with their cupcakes. They were proud of them. They had fun. We spent time together. We talked.  I showed them how to follow directions.

It was SO worth it!

That is my job. Teach them. Love them. Take time for them.

So, next time they ask to help. I hope I remember it’s worth it!



LOVE Sundays!!!

We do our best to keep Sundays laid back and relaxing! Luckily yesterday we were successful at that…

After a great church service we had a great afternoon.  The dad of the house kept the 2 older kids calm while the baby and I took a nap – this could have something to do with the fact that I thought it was such a great afternoon! 🙂

I woke up to the kids playing outside. I didn’t hear fighting or screaming they were just enjoying their time. A mom’s DREAM.

We played on the swings.DSC_8106

Watching my kids laugh and play with their dad is the best.


He finally got a few screams out of her when she thought she might fly off the swing.




Sweetest. boy. ever.

We saw that our berries were turning black.



Proud of all of their findings.


I guess the cat is helping us look????



I know.

That baby’s hair is a mess.

That’s a part of our laid back Sunday! She doesn’t care. I don’t care. I don’t do the dishes, I don’t clean on Sundays.  If it doesn’t bring us closer to God, closer to family or give us joy or rest, why bother?  Why else would God create the Sabbath for us?  So, if you stop by after church on Sunday, my house is a mess, my kids don’t match, and more than likely they aren’t wearing shoes.

I don’t even like shoes.