Off to School We Go…

Last week, the middle child of the house started preschool. The week before that, the oldest of the house started kindergarten. The week before that, the baby of the house stopped bottles and nursing.

These kids are growing FAST!

I was sad to send this “little” one off to the big world of half day kindergarten.

DSC_8685 (Large)

She asked to take this picture with me! It was so sweet! Just what a mom wants to hear before she sends her girl off to school! 🙂

I’m excited for her. A new year, new class, new teacher, new friends, and rode the bus for the first time. She is loving it already. She comes home everyday with story after story about her day! I love it!

DSC_8746 (Large)

This little dude was a little nervous to go to school. He was going for the excited look in the picture! The poor guy was trying really hard, but told me “I’m too scared to go to school.” Man was I nervous to drop him off! I thought it was going to be a big production with tears and all. I just kept telling myself “don’t let him see my nervousness!”

Once the teacher opened the door he ran in and didn’t even look back! He walked tall and like a big boy! Exactly what I had hoped!!! So why did it make me sad? He didn’t need to give me one last hug or even say bye? He was a big boy now!

WP_20130805_011 (Large)

The youngest of the house, acts like a toddler now. Running, climbing, talking, and full of personality. She is done with bottles and nursing. Doesn’t always want rocked to sleep. She isn’t our tiny little baby anymore.

She is so much fun! I love to watch her learn so much so fast! She cracks me up daily!

I can’t believe how fast they grow out of the baby stage, then go off to school, but I love to watch them grow! Every stage of childhood is new and exciting, challenging and exhausting. We have new things to learn and figure out as our kids grow. We have to grow. So, I look back and remind myself how fast these 6 years of motherhood has gone by and I’m so excited for the years to come!

I LOVE to watch my kids grow!

We are going to do our best to make these years count!