Perfect Fall Day for a Photo Shoot

It was such a beautiful fall day, the kids were in their church clothes and they were all happy for the moment, so I thought what a great day for a photo shoot after church.

I LOVE taking pictures of my family and Mark’s grandparents have a great yard for it, so we go any chance we get.

DSC_9447 (Large)

DSC_9451 (Large)

DSC_9453 (Large)

DSC_9454 (Large)

DSC_9459 (Large)

DSC_9455 (Large)

This was too funny! We were all having so much fun! Not all the pictures are in focus but their expressions in the “runaway baby” pictures make them PERFECT!

DSC_9472 (Large)

I think she is thinking about where she might run off to again! What a cute little stinker!

DSC_9506 (Large)

He is so sweet!

DSC_9509 (Large)

AND so goofy! Not a fan of pictures, so he always makes a joke out of it!

DSC_9429 (Large)

So beautiful!

DSC_9439 (Large)

DSC_9485 (Large)

DSC_9486 (Large)

Tried again to get a shot of all three of them. Not too bad…


DSC_9498 (Large)

DSC_9534 (Large)

DSC_9432 (Large)

DSC_9475 (Large)

And we got one! They are all looking and happy!

DSC_9527 (Large)

I had to get in a picture too! I wanted to make sure my kids remembered I was there! I’m usually the one behind the camera! 🙂