Minnie Mouse Party!

So, if you know our family, you know we like Disney a little bit! 😉  Little girls and Minnie Mouse just go together! I knew for a long time that this little girl would be having a Minnie Mouse first birthday party…

I had a rough pregnancy with this baby. One of the times I was sick in the hospital was at 19 weeks. My gallbladder finally gave out and I had my gallbladder removed. Of course I had several ultrasounds done that hospital stay. We were so worried about the baby’s health and we not only were reassured that she was healthy, we found out we were having a girl! I was so sick and it was exciting to be able to dream about what our daughter might look like, how I would decorate her room, making bows for her, and her first birthday party!I knew then, she would have a Minnie Mouse first birthday! I knew she wouldn’t care. She would be happy with whatever I did.

She had fun, we all loved to celebrate our baby turning ONE and having a great year with her. I know she doesn’t remember a thing, BUT I DO!

These are the invitations we sent out. I designed them and my wonderful husband created them. We make a good team! 🙂


DSC_7911 (Large)

DSC_7913 (Large)

DSC_7910 (Large)

I LOVED the cakes. They were perfect!! They were made by Laura Winter and she did a great job!

DSC_7914 (Large)


DSC_7934 (Large)

DSC_7933 (Large)

Where the birthday girl will open her presents. The gorgeous quilt was made by a cousin, Karin Ritchie.  My mom had it made when Sadie was just a baby. It now is the quilt on her bed.


THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!  She had to have a custom Minnie outfit! The shirt was made by In Stitches. I made the tutu and bow.

DSC_7961 (Large)

Everything was so exciting!

DSC_7981 (Large)

Digging in!

DSC_7991 (Large)

OH NO! She was a little sad she dropped her cake! She had plenty to eat/destroy!

DSC_7995 (Large)

Yep! Covered HEAD to TOE!



Our Oldest Turns 6

I really can’t believe it…our oldest is 6! 6 just Sounds OLD!

I love to celebrate my kids on their birthday! It usually turns into a birthday week around here! 🙂  Since she is SO old now, this year I asked her if she would rather have a “fun” day than having a big party. A day where she could pick to do anything (well, just about!) and we would just have a day all about her. She loved that idea! Actually, I was relieved! Lets face it, a kid’s birthday party for the mom turns into a TON of work. Considering she has had 5 huge parties and we also have 2 other kids, I’m not gonna lie…I’m a little partied out this year!

This is what we had planned for the day: A trip to Build A Bear, the Disney Store, Taco Bell (I know, she really let us off easy!) A shopping spree at Justice, and getting our nails painted for Christmas! Her brother and little sister were there for the first part. Then, they went home with Dad while the birthday girl, her friend/cousin, 2 aunts and I finished up the day with the girl stuff! 🙂

DSC_9812 (Large)

She is ready for her birthday “fun” day! She loved the attention from the crown all day! I knew she would love it! 🙂

DSC_9832 (Large) DSC_9834 (Large)

Making their bears…so cute!

DSC_9844 (Large)

We had such a fun day! I wasn’t so busy with party stuff that I could enjoy the whole day just celebrating my oldest daughter!

I’m pretty sure the girls had fun considering on the way home, I heard over and over “it was such a super fun day!” in between all the giggling! SUCCESS!

DSC_9904 (Large)

Her “surprise” birthday balloons when she woke up on her actual birthday.

DSC_9905 (Large)

The annual birthday pancakes.

DSC_9913 (Large)

Her cake after her family birthday dinner. On her actual birthday I always let her pick dinner. This year she picked pizza at our favorite local pizza place! She was REALLY being easy on me this year! I was ready to make anything she asked! 🙂 We had a nice dinner with her grandparents and aunts and uncles. Of course she was still spoiled with awesome gifts from them too!

She is just such a great little girl! So sweet, thoughtful and really full of faith – no pun intended!! 😉  I was more than happy to celebrate this girl and do my best to make her feel special and loved!

We are so blessed to be her parents!

Our baby girl turned ONE

My baby turned ONE last month. I can hardly believe it! It even took me a while to say that she was actually 1.  I still like to say 13 months! 🙂

20130603_Sadie_2637 (Large)

She is such a happy girl!

20130603_Sadie_2716 (Large)


20130603_Sadie_2709 (Large)

So full of personality!

20130603_Sadie_2724 (Large) 20130603_Sadie_2733 (Large)

Just want to KISS THOSE CHEEKS!!! 🙂

20130603_Sadie_2738 (Large)

This princess is so full of personality!

I really can’t believe how fast her first year went. I know I say it for each baby, but this one flew! It probably has a little something to do with the fact I have 2 other kids and life gets a little crazy with 3 kids 5 and under! 🙂

She is our baby! And will probably always see her as that! I just thought maybe she could stay little for a bit longer. Now, she is more like a toddler. She runs everywhere, climbs on the table, gets into EVERYTHING, and is a screamer.

She gives the BEST BABY HUGS!

We all LOVE that girl!

When I was pregnant with her, I had people tell me I was crazy for planning another baby – I have rough pregnancies, with hyperemisis, home health care, medicine pump, and frequent hospital visits. “Why would you want another baby, you already have a boy and a girl?” I couldn’t answer that. I don’t know. I just felt our family wasn’t complete.

When things got rough and I mean really rough, I questioned our sanity for having another baby. Especially when I ended up in the hospital – again – and needed to get my gallbladder out at 19 weeks! I finished up my pregnancy up with depression…. Lets just say I’m not a fan of being pregnant.

I gave birth to a perfect, healthy baby girl and it was all so worth it! Knowing how much that  little girl had been through in her first 9 months of life and how strong – she screamed like no baby I’ve ever heard – and healthy she was, I knew God had big plans for her.

DSC_1156 (Large)

We. Were. Blessed.

I’ve learned so much by being her mom. I’ve grown so much.

20130603_Sadie_2824 (Large)

Can’t imagine life without her!


Photos taken by ardentpapers.com