This month it will be 6 years since we built our house.

I look back at 6 years ago, I was 21 with a 9 month old baby and no clue what we were doing to build a house. People said we were crazy! Then they were shocked when we moved in after breaking ground only 4 months earlier. It helped that we had great people working very hard for us! We learned a lot in that experience… how to lay wood floor, hang doors, get building supplies as cheap as we could, and we made waaayyy too many trips to Menards! 🙂 It was stressful and exciting!

Our goal was to build a house with extra room to grow. We said over and over we want to fill our house with kids! In the floor plan, we turned an office into a bedroom and planned out the basement and bonus room with room to grow and add more bedrooms! We didn’t want anything fancy, just space! We wanted a place to raise a family and grow.

I love our house! But, after 6 years it is so much more than a house. We have made it into a home. This home has seen a lot of action:

  • We’ve brought 2 of our babies home to it.
  • We’re raising our 3 young kids in it.
  • My grandma lived here with us for awhile.
  • I’ve babysat several children in it.
  • We’ve had a lot of our kids’ birthday parties here.
  • We’ve had lots of family Christmas fun!
  • Family and friends have come over for dinner.
  • Coffee time with moms is great!
  • And now we have a few extra kids staying with us too!

We have an open home where everyone is welcomed! I’ve told friends over and over “Stop by anytime! It probably won’t be clean, but you are welcomed!”

That’s the thing, our house is messy, the walls are starting to get dings from kids running into them with toys, our wood floor is scratched from riding cars on them, but we LIVE in it! We are raising a house full of messy, energetic, happy, tiny people!

We love our house full of people! That is exactly what we set out to do with this house 6 years ago! (We did fill it up a little faster than we expected we would 🙂 ) Looking back at all the family memories here, I hope we have MANY years here! I actually would love to be here forever but who knows what God’s plan is. He tends to have completely different ideas for our family!  🙂

For now, we will keep doing what we’re doing serving the Lord right here with all these messy, energetic, happy, tiny people.

This house is MY mission field.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”  Joshua 24:15