Minnie Mouse Party!

So, if you know our family, you know we like Disney a little bit! 😉  Little girls and Minnie Mouse just go together! I knew for a long time that this little girl would be having a Minnie Mouse first birthday party…

I had a rough pregnancy with this baby. One of the times I was sick in the hospital was at 19 weeks. My gallbladder finally gave out and I had my gallbladder removed. Of course I had several ultrasounds done that hospital stay. We were so worried about the baby’s health and we not only were reassured that she was healthy, we found out we were having a girl! I was so sick and it was exciting to be able to dream about what our daughter might look like, how I would decorate her room, making bows for her, and her first birthday party!I knew then, she would have a Minnie Mouse first birthday! I knew she wouldn’t care. She would be happy with whatever I did.

She had fun, we all loved to celebrate our baby turning ONE and having a great year with her. I know she doesn’t remember a thing, BUT I DO!

These are the invitations we sent out. I designed them and my wonderful husband created them. We make a good team! 🙂


DSC_7911 (Large)

DSC_7913 (Large)

DSC_7910 (Large)

I LOVED the cakes. They were perfect!! They were made by Laura Winter and she did a great job!

DSC_7914 (Large)


DSC_7934 (Large)

DSC_7933 (Large)

Where the birthday girl will open her presents. The gorgeous quilt was made by a cousin, Karin Ritchie.  My mom had it made when Sadie was just a baby. It now is the quilt on her bed.


THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!  She had to have a custom Minnie outfit! The shirt was made by In Stitches. I made the tutu and bow.

DSC_7961 (Large)

Everything was so exciting!

DSC_7981 (Large)

Digging in!

DSC_7991 (Large)

OH NO! She was a little sad she dropped her cake! She had plenty to eat/destroy!

DSC_7995 (Large)

Yep! Covered HEAD to TOE!



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