The Best of 2013

As I thought back to our last year, I was thinking it would be so easy to sum up 2013 for our family. It was a pretty good year, no extremely huge life changes, we were all fairly healthy, etc. Then, I started looking through my pictures! It took me a half hour just to get through January-April!

I couldn’t believe all the little things that I just completely over looked when thinking about our year! It made me realize I need to make sure I remember the “little things.” (Another reason why I want to make more time to blog this year. For my family, to preserve our memories.)  Most of our lives are full of the little things. So, we try to make the most of them. Enjoy them, embrace them, some of them we have to work through, struggle through, but a lifetime is made of the good and the bad. I choose to focus on the good.

I want to count my blessings in 2013…


DSC_4543 (Large)

January 2013, the baby was crawling everywhere!!


Lost her first tooth!

DSC_4700 (Large)

February 2013, we went to Keylime Cove for a weekend, with Mark’s parents.

DSC_5966 (Large)

DSC_6254 (Large)

March 2013, we went to Florida for Mark’s sister’s wedding! It was a beautiful wedding and a nice long weekend spent with family on the beach!

DSC_6329 (Large)

Also in March 2013 (I know…we were vacation fools! It just worked out that way! 🙂 ) We went to Disney World on a family vacation with my parents and sisters. We LOVE Disney! I will have to write more on that later!

DSC_5036 (Large)

Still in March we had a nice big snow fall. The baby was able to go out and “play” in the snow for the first time. She liked it until she fell face first into the snow!

DSC_7325 (Large)

Just some of our Easter fun and celebration.

DSC_7766 (Large)

May, 2013, the oldest graduated preschool!

DSC_7615 (Large)

Our nephew was born and made me an aunt and Mark an uncle! So sweet!


In June, our baby turned ONE!!!

DSC_8038 (Large)

My mom, sisters and I hosted our first family reunion for our Ritchie family.

DSC_7795 (Large) DSC_7796 (Large)

DSC_8121 (Large) DSC_8119 (Large)

DSC_8223 (Large)

WP_20130727_010 (Large) DSC_8156 (Large)

In June and July, we had too much summer fun to even list! Our days were spent outside, eating popsicles, playing in the sprinklers, jumping on the trampoline, bike rides, swimming, walks, exploring…

DSC_8497 (Large)

We had a birthday boy in July!

WP_20130720_059 (Large)

I ran my first mud race…it was WAY more fun than I thought it would be! I was not thrilled that my husband “made” me run it with him. When we finished, I asked when we could run another one! 🙂

DSC_8252 (Large)

We always love a trip to the mountains!

DSC_8685 (Large)

DSC_8746 (Large)

We now have a kindergartner and a preschooler.

DSC_8860 (Large)

Our niece was born! We now have a nephew and a niece all within four months! Love those babies!

DSC_8831 (Large)

Our boy had his first season of soccer and he LOVED it!

DSC_8834 (Large)

All dressed up for church.

DSC_9575 (Large)

We had a few cute little monsters for trick or treating.

DSC_9071 (Large)

A trip to our local orchard.

DSC_9447 (Large)

A beautiful fall season!

DSC_9258 (Large)

Our oldest did awesome in her first tumbling recital!

DSC_9624 (Large)

We had snow already and it didn’t slow down after the new year either!

WP_20131129_021 (Large)

We had a fun trip to northern Michigan over Thanksgiving break.

DSC_9905 (Large)

We had a big birthday girl!

DSC_9777 (Large)

We had a great Christmas with a ton of festivities. More on that here 

This doesn’t even put a dent in our pictures of 2013. Looking through all of these, I think how a lot of times “the days are long, but the years are short”  How true is that! I can’t even believe everything that actually happens in a year! Especially with little kids. I mean, my baby was crawling this time last year and now, she climbs and talks like a toddler…amazing!


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