Perfect Fall Day for a Photo Shoot

It was such a beautiful fall day, the kids were in their church clothes and they were all happy for the moment, so I thought what a great day for a photo shoot after church.

I LOVE taking pictures of my family and Mark’s grandparents have a great yard for it, so we go any chance we get.

DSC_9447 (Large)

DSC_9451 (Large)

DSC_9453 (Large)

DSC_9454 (Large)

DSC_9459 (Large)

DSC_9455 (Large)

This was too funny! We were all having so much fun! Not all the pictures are in focus but their expressions in the “runaway baby” pictures make them PERFECT!

DSC_9472 (Large)

I think she is thinking about where she might run off to again! What a cute little stinker!

DSC_9506 (Large)

He is so sweet!

DSC_9509 (Large)

AND so goofy! Not a fan of pictures, so he always makes a joke out of it!

DSC_9429 (Large)

So beautiful!

DSC_9439 (Large)

DSC_9485 (Large)

DSC_9486 (Large)

Tried again to get a shot of all three of them. Not too bad…


DSC_9498 (Large)

DSC_9534 (Large)

DSC_9432 (Large)

DSC_9475 (Large)

And we got one! They are all looking and happy!

DSC_9527 (Large)

I had to get in a picture too! I wanted to make sure my kids remembered I was there! I’m usually the one behind the camera! 🙂


More Than Pumpkins

This past weekend we went on a family outing with my parents and my sisters. We went to a local orchard (County Line Orchard in Hobart, IN) to get pumpkins, apples, cider and all kinds of goodies. We have gone there every October for the last 7 years now! It is so fun and festive! We love Fall and what better way to celebrate?

For me, it’s more than pumpkins…

The first year we went to the apple orchard was in 2006, Mark and I had just miscarried our first baby. I was depressed. I didn’t want to do much of anything. I think this was my moms way of getting me out of the house. It was a good idea, because I actually had a little fun! The whole time, I prayed that next year we would be bringing a baby to the orchard! And we did! Although, she couldn’t see anything, because she was so cozy and safe in my belly. She was due to be born December 25, 2008.

(We don’t have pictures of 2006 and 2007. I didn’t have a picture addiction until after the first born! 🙂 )


P1020357 (Large)

In 2008 we had so much fun watching our oldest play in the pumpkin patch.


DSCN0264 (Large)

In 2009, we grew by one!


P1060611 (Large)

In 2010, the kids were growing!


P1090210 (Large)

In 2011, we grew by one again, but no one knew yet! 🙂


DSC_3291 (Large)

In 2012, we got to bring our youngest, only 3 months old.


DSC_9071 (Large)

This year, 2013, I realize how big our kids are getting! They were all old enough to walk on their own and pick up pumpkins! They had fun! Now, they love it as much as I do! They love the tradition. They know with Fall comes the apple orchard! Someday, they will know how it all got started!

P1020363 (Large)

My sisters with our oldest in 2008.

DSC_9033 (Large)

Everyone in 2013

My parents take us every year and it has been fun to see how much my little sisters have changed over the years! This is a part of their childhood too!

It wasn’t always easy to take our little kids to the orchard. It is usually packed, cold, it takes almost an hour to get there and this year it was muddy! One year, Mark asked me if we could just get pumpkins in town, he saw a bunch of them outside of the gas station, really cheap. He thought it would be so much easier to just get them there! That was the last time he asked that question! 🙂

He didn’t realize…it was more than pumpkins for me!

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28