A Lesson Learned

Yesterday, I had an interesting afternoon. We were playing upstairs in the playroom for a while, maybe an hour or two. Then, the oldest of the house went downstairs to go to the bathroom. She asked why there was a puddle in the hallway. She opened the door to find the sink overflowing with water. The sink had been plugged and the bathroom, hallway, both kids’ bedroom closets, the basement were all covered in water!

It was a MESS!

My first reaction was to punish my son!! I knew that’s who it was. We have told him over and over not to do that. We usually catch him, but this time he forgot he left the water running. He shut the door (like I tell him too, so the baby doesn’t get in the bathroom) then innocently went upstairs to play.

Once he had realized what had happened the look on his face said it all! He was so sorry and told me over and over! He made a mistake and never meant for this to all happen!

How could I be mad? How could I yell?

He made a mistake which caused a big mess and now he needed his mom to help him!

So that’s what we did! We cleaned it up together. I told him that this is why I don’t like him plugging the sink when he washes his hands. Then he asked, “If we aren’t supposed to use the plugger then why do they make a plugger?”  I don’t know buddy! 🙂  He made a mistake and he knows what he did. He was sorry. He still wasn’t allowed to go to soccer because he had to stay and help me clean up. There are still consequences when we make mistakes. I just tried so hard not to yell, not to lecture, not to put him down. He learned from this and that’s all I want!

I kept thinking about how many times a day I make a mistake! I know what I did and I don’t need to be yelled at to make sure I don’t do it again (even though I’ve had some bosses who think that will make me learn my lesson!)  I am not perfect! I mess up ALL the time!

Because of GOD’s grace I am forgiven.  He doesn’t yell at me and put me down. He forgives over and over!

So as I try to teach my son not to plug the sink when he washed his hands because this is what could happen. He taught me SO much more! Patience and forgiveness! As I spent HOURS on cleaning up, drying out, hauling dehumidifiers, and shop vacs I just kept telling myself it was a mistake!

I want a relationship with him that he knows I am here to help him and love him no matter what he does! So this time, I feel like I got it right. “I put money in the bank for the hundred times that I will get it wrong” Hopefully he can remember the time that I was patent with him for all the times I won’t be in the future.

I love that boy!


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