Our baby girl turned ONE

My baby turned ONE last month. I can hardly believe it! It even took me a while to say that she was actually 1.  I still like to say 13 months! 🙂

20130603_Sadie_2637 (Large)

She is such a happy girl!

20130603_Sadie_2716 (Large)


20130603_Sadie_2709 (Large)

So full of personality!

20130603_Sadie_2724 (Large) 20130603_Sadie_2733 (Large)

Just want to KISS THOSE CHEEKS!!! 🙂

20130603_Sadie_2738 (Large)

This princess is so full of personality!

I really can’t believe how fast her first year went. I know I say it for each baby, but this one flew! It probably has a little something to do with the fact I have 2 other kids and life gets a little crazy with 3 kids 5 and under! 🙂

She is our baby! And will probably always see her as that! I just thought maybe she could stay little for a bit longer. Now, she is more like a toddler. She runs everywhere, climbs on the table, gets into EVERYTHING, and is a screamer.

She gives the BEST BABY HUGS!

We all LOVE that girl!

When I was pregnant with her, I had people tell me I was crazy for planning another baby – I have rough pregnancies, with hyperemisis, home health care, medicine pump, and frequent hospital visits. “Why would you want another baby, you already have a boy and a girl?” I couldn’t answer that. I don’t know. I just felt our family wasn’t complete.

When things got rough and I mean really rough, I questioned our sanity for having another baby. Especially when I ended up in the hospital – again – and needed to get my gallbladder out at 19 weeks! I finished up my pregnancy up with depression…. Lets just say I’m not a fan of being pregnant.

I gave birth to a perfect, healthy baby girl and it was all so worth it! Knowing how much that  little girl had been through in her first 9 months of life and how strong – she screamed like no baby I’ve ever heard – and healthy she was, I knew God had big plans for her.

DSC_1156 (Large)

We. Were. Blessed.

I’ve learned so much by being her mom. I’ve grown so much.

20130603_Sadie_2824 (Large)

Can’t imagine life without her!


Photos taken by ardentpapers.com

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